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Hello world! I am very new to blogging but some good friends convinced me to do so because of my love for cooking. Boy, do I love cooking! After years of watching the Food Network and taking mental notes, I finally have my own kitchen. Some of my favorite time is when I am cooking but my most special moment of the day is when my husband high-fives me for my meals. His reaction fuels me to cook more and try new things.  I do not claim to be a good cook. I consider myself very good at picking out interesting recipes.

He even ROCKS at our wedding!

My husband is Rockstar, Artist, Songwriter, Instrumentalist, Video Game Developer, Concept Artist. That is not even scratching the surface of his talents. He is also very good at  getting stuff down from high shelves for me and killing spiders that hang out in our shower. He used to always free spiders until some bred and invested the kitchen of my parents house. 

We learned our lesson. 

He is also THE BEST at helping with dishes since we don't have a dishwasher yet and I like to make a mess in the kitchen.

I am also interested in trying to make everything from scratch (bread, pasta, crackers and snack foods, ice cream, etc.). I don't want my future kids, my husband, or myself eating chemicals, food coloring, and additives that are not natural and our bodies don't know how to digest. One step at a time, I hope to have a thriving vegetable and herb garden, grind my own flour, and have a kitchen stocked with ingredients; not boxes, cans, and bags of factory-made food.

I try to include lots of fruits and veggies where I can but I also enjoy indulging as long as I made it myself. You will also see some short restaurant reviews from time to time when we really want to indulge and tame some "unhealthy" food cravings.

I welcome comments and suggestions! Please enjoy my blog!

...Not any different from our home life...

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