Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Container Store!!!

I want to start posting about some of my favorite stores and other kitchen essentials that I love!
For my first "Precious Products" post, I want to talk about my most favoritest place...'s so pretty in there...

They conveniently started doing wedding registries after I was already married. *sigh* I WILL be registering there for a baby registry someday. Some of my most favorite and talked about things I own are from The Container Store and I plan on getting many, many more. I am specifically going to talk about my favorite items that are to-go food containers (it's a food blog, duh) but I could go on and on about other items I love from there. 

The first is my coveted to-go cereal containers. The bottom of them has a freezable gel to keep your milk cold and the top is for the dry cereal. It comes with a detachable spoon that folds up and pops on to the top!
...I have 4 of these...

I eventually want to get this cereal dispenser for all the cereal we keep in the house too:

Other similar items are these:

I also LOVE these items for salads and snacks with dips:

Are you interested in eco-friendly solutions for sandwiches? Look no further!

There is so much more that I can talk about, but that would be an even longer list. This is a good start for to-go products. You can save a lot of money and calories by making your own lunch for work and school. These are all reusable so no more plastic bags! Yay! For a comprehensive list of all their "to-go" products, go to this link. If you have the ability to visit a Container Store location, I highly recommend it. They will have even more options like pasta steamers! What? Do it if your cool. You know you want to!

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